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Here is a revealing chart for Single Family Residential Sales in Kitsap County

Note: In the event you got to this article from an older link, here is a link to the newest data for this category of monthly home sales in Kitsap County

This chart shows monthly sales data for all Single Family Residential Sales in Kitsap County during the past 18 months. I created this chart with data from the NWMLS.  The line graph shows total closed sales for each month, while the curved line is a 6th deg. polynomial smoothing the sales trends.  For the current month of March it appears the numbers are improving from the previous month.

The Avg. Original Price is the inital asking price when properties are first put on the maarket. The Avg. List Price, is the price at which an offer was received, and the Avg. Selling Price is just that.  What this clearly shows, is that initial asking prices are still on average, too high requiring price reductions in order to attract offers.  The differential between the last List price where an offer was received and the Final Selling price is a much tighter range, with that differential being on average about 96.3% of the price at which offers were received.

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