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Real Estate Report January 2014 Poulsbo

Poulsbo Home Sales started off well in 2014  with 25 homes sold and had higher average selling prices than last January by about 10%! Here’s a peek at this months data: Average Original $ $322,811 Average Listing $ $310,693 Average Sale $ $305,631 Average Median $ $261,550 $/sq. ft. $136 # Homes Sold 25 # […]

Poulsbo Home Sales December 2013 Trends & Historical Data

33 Homes were sold in Poulsbo during the month of December 2013, matching the same number of sales during December of 2012 , However; the average selling price was higher,  increasing by 13%. We are seeing a normal Winter season decline in sales which is typical during the months of November  –  January, although the […]

Poulsbo 3 Month Home Sales & Trends September-November 2013

49 homes were sold in Poulsbo during October 2013, which is the highest monthly sales we have seen in the past 5+ years!  More impressive, is the relative consistency in high numbers of monthly home sales since May.   June through October have all showed sales near record levels between 40-49 homes.  November home sales […]

Poulsbo Home Sales Data, Comparisons & Trends: June – Aug 2013

The number of Homes Sold in Poulsbo hit a high in June and have continued at near record levels for the last 3 months! As we predicted in our analysis back in early June, Poulsbo, home sales did exceed a 3 year high in June 2013 and prices did increase. Home sales in in Poulsbo […]

May 2013 Home Prices & Trends in Poulsbo

{Note: If you got to this page from a search and it’s an older post, please go here to get the most recent report & data} Home sales in Poulsbo jumped from 33 in April to 39 in May, which is the second highest number of monthly home sales going back more than 3 years! […]

Poulsbo Real Estate Report for April 2013; Home Sales, Prices Trends

There were 33 homes sold in Poulsbo during the month of April 2013 which is a 57% gain from the previous 3 month average, but about in line with the sales we typically see in the late Spring and Summer in Poulsbo. Both the median and average home prices increased from the previous month, with […]

Poulsbo Real Estate Sales Report for March 2013

Real Estate sales in Poulsbo for the month of March 2013 once again appears to be a bit more subdued compared with Kitsap County Data as a whole and the neighboring hot market of Bainbridge Island. During the month of March there were the same number of homes sold as were Sold during February.  The […]

Poulsbo Real Estate Report for February 2013

The Poulsbo Real Estate Market held steady from January to February 2013, with only a slight decrease in the number of Homes Sold from 22 to 21, but had nearly the same Median Selling Price of $310,464 and a $14K increase in the Average Selling Price to $292,997. The previous month had an average selling price […]

Poulsbo Real Estate Trends, Prices & Sales for December 2012

Poulsbo experienced a strong, and unexpected upswing in home sales during the month of December 2012! The number of homes sold increased by nearly 14% from the previous month and 32% above the sales for the same month one year ago! A look back at the previous two months (November and October) shows relative consistency […]

Poulsbo Real Estate Trends for November 2012 with 18 Months of Sales & Price Data

Poulsbo real estate sales for the month of November 2012 were similar to the data for November of a year ago and also followed similar trends to Kitsap County as a whole.  The number of homes sold was only slightly reduced from the previous month (29 homes sold compared to 33), while the average selling […]