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Arrow Point

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Arrow Point is a geographically small neighborhood nestled between the Manzanita community to the North and Battle Point to the south. Because it is a point, the majority of the border is made up of water, specifically Port Orchard Bay and Manzanita Bay. Though it would make logical sense that Battle Point Park would be within the boundaries of the Battle Point community, it is actually within Arrow Point. A 90 acre area with a fishable pond, a planetarium, baseball and soccer fields, 3.4 miles of trails, play equipment, picnic shelters, barbecues, soccer fields, a roller-hockey rink, community gardens, a playground, gymnastics classes and camps (and the list goes on) makes this park the central feature of both the Arrow Point and Battle Point communities. Furthermore, the park also offers universal access to wheelchairs, walkers, and strollers (only one of the two parks on the island that does so, the other being Fort Ward Park) [1]. A short trail connects Battle Point Park to Fairy Dell Park at the beach, making it easy to stay entertained for a whole day, especially with kids. Such a great resource promotes and supports healthy, active lifestyles as is true for a great majority of the residents in this area.

Another peculiar feature of Arrow Point is that real estate costs do not seem to follow expected patterns. A large home with around 3,500 square feet and of newer construction can cost around $1,000,000. Though waterfront properties will generally be higher, the rest of the homes in the area vary greatly, with no particular pattern in regards to size and location. This may provide a wonderful opportunity to find the perfect home at far less than expected. You may even be lucky enough to find a home with a view of Port Orchard Bay and the Olympic Mountains.

Like Seabold and Manzanita, Arrow Point is also very quiet and peaceful (see our Seabold and Manzanita articles for more information). Because it is further west, and slightly more removed from the main highways, it will take longer to get around the island, but it also makes the area even quieter and more nature-oriented than Seabold and Manzanita. So, if peace replaces transportation on your list of priorities, Arrow Point is a great place for you to start looking for your home. However, if transportation is important, there is no need to worry much, for a main road (Miller Rd) runs right past the Arrow Point neighborhood and joins highway 305 just slightly north.