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Fletcher bay

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Fletcher Bay is nestled between the southernly border of Battle Point and the western branch of Island Center. Its dynamic location provides a peaceful setting away from (but with easy access to) island activity, as well as to the main features of Battle Point and Island Center (see our articles on Battle Point and Island Center for more information). One might expect any neighborhood with the word “bay” in it to have a multitude of waterfront properties. Though there are several, particularly near the mouth on the Battle Point side, generally speaking, the houses in the Fletcher Bay neighborhood are not immediately on the waterfront, as there is a great effort to preserve it. Such homes in this area tend to be perched slightly higher up on the hillside, tucked into the tall trees, but with a clear view of the water and accessed by long gravel driveways, giving the area an authentically rustic yet cozy feel. If beach access is important to you, fear not, as there is a short trail at the end of Springridge Rd. that leads to the lagoon. If you are hoping for more beach access, one point lies just slightly south of the Fletcher Bay neighborhood in Island Center, and is connected to a trail system within Gazzam Lake Park and Wildlife Preserve. Yet another beach access point lies further to the north in Battle point, which is also connected to a trail system within the impressive Battle Point Park (see our Battle Point neighborhood description for more details). Fletcher Bay is not only a beautiful, densely-forested, peaceful place to live. It is also an important part of a water purification system. The Fletcher Bay Watershed helps filter and recharge water before it re-enters the bay and the rest of the Puget Sound [1]. Naturally, residents in this area tend to be very conscious of how they treat their property. Parts of Fletcher Bay are characterized by long gravel roads and driveways similar to those in Island Center. However, Fletcher Bay has much more of an authentic forest feel as opposed to the feel of a forested countryside as is the case with Island Center. Many homes in this area tend to be on the cozier side, around 2,000 square feet for $500,000- $600,000; but of course there are larger ones as well. If you are looking for a natural, quiet, and peaceful escape, Fletcher Bay is a great place to look for a home.