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Salt Waterfront Home Prices Sales & Trends in Kitsap August 2013

In my previous Salt Waterfront home sales report on May 22, 2013, I discussed the brisk and increasing sales in this market segment and projected estimates of increasing numbers of sold properties.  In Fact May, June, July and August each saw increased monthly closed sales month over month. I also projected increasing Median Selling prices, […]

Waterfront Real Estate Prices, Sales, Trends in Kitsap County

Note: if this is an older post, go here to get to the latest information This report is about all salt waterfront home sales, prices and trends in Kitsap County, WA through April 2013 and includes Bainbridge Island Waterfront, Poulsbo Waterfront, Hood Canal, Liberty Bay, Dyes Inlet and all other areas in the County.  Sales […]

Salt Waterfront Home Sales in Kitsap County for March 2013, with 18 mo. of data

This report includes new data for Salt Waterfront home sales, prices and trends, in Kitsap County from July 1 2012 through February 28, 2013 and has a total of 19 months of data. *  In the ensuing 8 months since my last comprehensive review of this market, there has been a slight downward trend to […]

Salt Waterfront Home Sales, Prices & Trends in Kitsap Dec 2010 – June 2012

For the period of March 2012 through June 2012, Salt Waterfront home sales have nearly doubled in terms of the number of homes sold each month and the average price per Sq. Ft. has increased about 5% compared with the same period one year ago. Homes offering compelling features are being selectively acquired and homes […]

Salt Water Front Home Sales, Prices & Trends in Kitsap County August 2010 through February 2012

Below is a comprehensive graph showing sales, prices and trends for all of the Salt Water front homes sold in Kitsap County from August 2010 through February 2012.  I am also posting the graph showing distressed properties sold compared to total monthly sales so you can easily compare all of these factors month by month.   Kitsap […]