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Bainbridge Island End of Year 2013 Home Sales & Price Trends

Bainbridge Island Real Estate continues on its upward trend in homes sold from  its seasonal low in October. There were 36 home sales during December 2013. Though this  is a bit lower than the 41 sold during December 2012,  which were extraordinary, it is above the normal seasonal level we would expect and is indicative […]

Bainbridge Island Real Estate Prices Sept-Nov 2013

The Bainbridge Island Real Estate Market remains strong even while entering the normal seasonal slower period.  Though Homes Sold dropped significantly from an extraordinary 51 homes sold in September, to 29 in October & 32 in November, the average selling price remained high at $577,323 in November, and is comparable to the high values we’ve […]

Bainbridge Island Home Prices, Data & Trends: Jun-Aug 2013

A Record Number of Homes Sold on Bainbridge Island, exceeding a 5 year high in July and matching the 5 yr. high in June. As we predicted in early June, “ Looking ahead, it appears the Real Estate market on Bainbridge Island is continuing an increasing price and sales trend.“ The number of homes Sold […]

Bainbridge Island Real Estate Report for May 2013

{Note: If you got to this page from a search and it’s an older post, please go here to get the most recent report & data} The number of homes Sold on Bainbridge Island during May surprised to the upside increasing from 43 in April to 47 in May.  It appears the main reason the […]

Bainbridge Island Real Estate Report for April 2013: Sales, Prices, Trends

The real estate market on Bainbridge Island continues to be very active, with 43 homes sold during the month of April 2013, which is exactly the low-end number we predicted in March. Perhaps one of the most significant developments reflecting the strength of the market here is that the average asking price where an offer […]

Bainbridge Island Real Estate Sales for March 2013

Real Estate prices (both average and median) and the number of monthly homes sold have increased every month since the beginning of 2013.  This increasing trend parallels the overall data for Kitsap County as a whole but is even more dramatic on Bainbridge Island.  Since the beginning of the year, average home prices have increased […]

January 2013 Bainbridge Island Real Estate Trends, Prices & Home Sales

Bainbridge Island had 24 home sales in January 2013. This is a fairly steep decline from the 41 in December, but not unexpected in the middle of the slow season.  Compared with the same period one year ago, the number of homes sold in January was up 60%!  The average selling price in homes increased […]

Bainbridge Island Real Estate Trends for December 2012 with 18 months of Sales & Price Data

Bainbridge Island had a great month for home sales in December! There were 41 homes sold, a 46% improvement from November and nearly 116% above the sales for the same period one year ago! Bainbridge Island continues to lead other areas of the county in both home sales and average selling prices. The average selling […]

Bainbridge Island Home Sales, Prices and Trends for November 2012

Bainbridge Island real estate sales during the month of November showed declines compared to October. This seasonal market decline was expected as we approach the slower winter months and will likely continue until about mid-February.  The total number of homes sold during the month of November was 28, while October had 48.   October had extraordinary […]

Real Estate Trends, Sales & Prices on Bainbridge Island for October 2012

Real Estate sales, prices & trends on Bainbridge Island for the month of October were all significantly higher than in September.  This is a County-wide trend, but North Kitsap and Bainbridge Island had increases significantly above the County averaged data. The number of homes Sold jumped from 35 in September to 48 in October which […]