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Archives for March 2012

Salt Water Front Home Sales, Prices & Trends in Kitsap County August 2010 through February 2012

Below is a comprehensive graph showing sales, prices and trends for all of the Salt Water front homes sold in Kitsap County from August 2010 through February 2012.  I am also posting the graph showing distressed properties sold compared to total monthly sales so you can easily compare all of these factors month by month.   Kitsap […]

Suquamish and Indianola Real Estate Sales, Prices & Trends for February 2012 with 18 Months Data

Here is the Data for March. The areas of Suquamish and Indianola were grouped together because they are largely located within the original Port Madison Tribal Boundaries, though virtually all of the properties sold are fee simple and owned just like any other real estate in the County.  The major exception to this is the area […]

Port Gamble, Kingston and Hansville Real Estate Sales, Prices and Trends for February 2012 & 18 months of data

Here is the March Data Welcome to our first monthly report about real estate sales, prices and trends in Port Gamble, Kingston & Hansville.  This graph paints an interesting picture which warrants some discussion about the many factors affecting the real estate market in this area.  The first, of the factors which creates wide swings in […]

Real Estate Sales, Prices and Trends for Poulsbo February 2012 & 18 Months of data

Here is the March Data. This is our first monthly posting which tracks Real Estate sales, prices & trends for residential home sales in Poulsbo.  Poulsbo broadly includes a much larger and irregularly shaped geographic area extending far beyond the actual incorporated city limits.  For our purposes in tracking the logical area real estate sales, […]

Bainbridge Island Real Estate Sales and Prices for February 2012 and including 18 months of historical data

The number of homes sold on Bainbridge Island for February 2012 was up 86% from the previous month and up 75% from the same period one year earlier, however; the average selling price is a different story.  For February 2012, 25% of the homes Sold on the island were distressed and since there were zero […]

Distressed Home Sales (REO, Foreclosures & Short Sales) compared with total home sales in Kitsap County for February 2012

The number of homes sold in Kitsap County during February 2012 increased 9.8% from the same period one year ago and were up over 20% from the previous month (January 2012) .  The total number of distressed properties (Bank Owned, REO’s, Foreclosures & Short Sales) Sold was up about 38% from the same period one year ago […]

Home Sales and Prices in Kitsap County for February 2012 and 18 months prior data

{Note: In the event you got to this article from an older link, here is a link to the newest data for this category of monthly home sales in Kitsap County} February 2012 was an interesting month for real estate in Kitsap County.  Here’s how home sales for February 2012 compared with the same period […]