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The community of Meadowmeer is just slightly north of the island’s geographic center. Because Bainbridge has so many unique things to offer in various places, deciding which ones are the most important can be difficult. If you are one of these people, Meadowmeer’s geographic centrality provides a happy medium. Meadowmeer has slightly less greenery in comparison to much of the densely-forested island, but there is still plenty to make you feel as though you are in a special, natural place. Meadowmeer is unique in that it is the only notably “typical” neighborhood on the island with nicely pruned lawns, col-de-sacs, quiet roads, and similarly styled houses that pleasantly coordinate with each another. All of this is especially true for the homes closest to the Meadowmeer Golf and Country Club which features a beautiful, spacious 9-hole green. Some members claim that the green does not endure the weather well, but is especially pristine in the summer months when it is most in use. The current dues total a little under $120 per month which provides “unlimited golf for you and your family, 20% discount in the proshop [which, according to one member, has a good variety and friendly service], and discounts on power cart rentals” [1]. Of course, this is not something exclusive to the residents of Meadowmeer; it serves as a common gathering point for people all over the island to compete in tournaments or practice their swing with the club’s own professional Ted Wurtz. Nearby to the golf course is Bainbridge Athletic Club; yet another facility adored and utilized by many islanders. It offers classes, personal trainers, specialized nutrition programs, various social programs, massage and skin care, and even a daycare center, making it a great location to relax, socialize, and maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle [2]. Just outside the northeastern tip of Meadowmeer is Hazel Creek Montessori which hosts summer camps and after-school care in addition to toddler, preschool, and kindergarten programs all on 10 acres of “rolling hills, fenced pastures, manicured lawns, and a children’s garden” [3]. It may seem that all of this would come at quite a high cost, but surprisingly, many homes in the area are rather affordable with a standard 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 2500 square foot home averaging around $500,000. Needless to say, Meadowmeer is a very family-friendly and sociable place to live, and its geographic centrality makes other island features readily available. If these characteristics are foundational to your lifestyle, nowhere else on the island would be a better place for you to find your perfect home.