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Wing Point

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Wing Point is situated on the eastern shoreline of Bainbridge Island, with Winslow (the life of the island) as its westerly neighbor. Wing point is uniquely shaped, perhaps slightly resemblant of the letter ‘y’, meaning it offers a vast amount of waterfront properties in comparison to its modest size. Residents with waterfront homes enjoy expansive views of the Puget Sound to the east (some of which include downtown seattle), views into Eagle Harbor on the west, Mount Rainier to the south, and all angles enjoy the spectacle of the passing by Seattle-Bainbridge ferries. Wing Point residents have a great deal of pride in their location, and compare it to none other in the area. Waterfront homes here can be expected to cost around $1,000,000. But especially in this area, prices vary greatly. Wing Point also has many lower-cost homes further from the water, that run at around $700,000 for about 3,000 square feet, or closer to $500,000 for the 2,500 square foot range [1]. Despite exact location, all Wing Point residents enjoy a couple key features, one of which is the Wing Point Golf and Country Club, unofficially beginning in 1903 with locals playing small rounds of golf in what was then an apple orchard. In 1916 the space was transformed into a six-hole course. The country club was officially incorporated in 1920, and five years later after funds had grown, enough money was collected to build a club house and expand the course by three more holes. On top of the now eighteen-hole course, members today can enjoy a pool, dining, and tennis (which is also available to non-members) [1]. Needless to say, the country club is a source of pride, recreation, fitness, and socialization. Another source of recreation is Wing Point’s Hawley Cove Park which offers nearly 12 acres of conserved land with an upland forest, a large wetland, a walkable shoreline, and a short trail that connects with Eagle Harbor [2]. Not only is this area recreational, but it is essential for wildlife as well. Wing Point is a pristine, refreshing location that emits the feel of a permanent vacation. If Wing Point is good enough for a bed and breakfast getaway (as the owners of Abode on the Sea have determined), it is more than one could dream of for a home. Of course, if you ever desire a more vibrant social space, Winslow is just walking distance away.