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Battle Point

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Battle Point slightly extends from the main mass of the island with Port Orchard Bay on the easterly side, Fletcher Bay to the south, and the inland boundary defined by Miller Rd (one of the island’s main roads). The roads running through the center of Battle Point, however, have low levels of traffic, making it a very safe place for children to play and others to walk or bike. In terms of transportation, Battle Point has two bus routes that run to the ferry but also intersect with other island routes. Driving to the ferry takes approximately 15 minutes, bussing takes approximately 30-40 minutes, and biking takes about 40 as well.

Though Battle Point Park is technically located in Arrow Point, it is so close to the border it might as well be considered part of both territories. The park is nearly the largest on the island, with none other topping its facilities. It features 3.4 miles of trails, most of which are wheelchair-, walker-, stroller-, and even horse-friendly. It also has play equipment, picnic structures with barbecues, a lake with fishing, basketball courts, a roller-hockey court, soccer and baseball/softball fields, as well as tennis courts and sand volleyball courts. One recently renovated building has been transformed into a gymnastics studio [1]. Whether or not kids play a role in your home-buying decision, Battle Point Park would be a huge resource to live by for a healthy, fun, and active lifestyle. Furthermore, Battle Point Park is linked to the waterfront Fairy Dell by a short trail. Here you can stroll the beach and observe wildlife [2].

On top of the everyday activities Battle Point residents enjoy, the park hosts a popular annual event—Wagfest. People gather to walk the park with their dogs, watch educational videos, peruse vendors with pet-related merchandise, but most importantly to raise money for the North Kitsap PAWS. The event draws thousands of people and thousands of dollars to support the organization. Needless to say, Battle Point is an ideal location for families and dog-lovers alike. Find a home here and settle into a comfortable, healthy lifestyle. For other areas of the island that are family-friendly, be sure you look at our articles on Meadowmeer, Island Center, and Winslow.