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The Manzanita community is located just south of Seabold, most of its eastern side defined by the Meadowmeer area, with the western side running along Port Orchard Bay. Like Seabold, many parts of Manzanita are also treated to breath-taking views of Port Orchard Bay and the Olympic Mountains (residents boast their views as the best). Homes located closest to the bay can range anywhere from $600,000 to over $1,000,000. Properties further inland toward Meadowmeer greatly decrease in price. If a waterfront (or near waterfront) home is not in your price range, you can still enjoy the views from one of the nearby beach access points! In fact, Dock Street (an extension of Manzanita Drive) ends at the shoreline where you will find a picnic area and kayak launch. This local treasure is perfectly suited for a relaxing evening watching the sun sink behind the majestic mountain range while sipping a glass of wine, or enjoying the view while out on a leisurely evening paddle. Another source of leisure and recreation for Manzanita residents is Manzanita park. The forested trails provide access for bikers, walkers, and horseback riders [1]. The park’s canopy is composed greatly of deciduous trees which, during the autumn season, create a magically colorful surrounding. Residents especially enjoy exploring the park during the earlier dry weeks of the season. Though only a corner of Manzanita includes one of the three segments of the Grand Forest, this is yet another marvelous natural area with an expansive trail network that is cherished by both Manzanita locals and all islanders alike.

The Manzanita area is characterized by leisure, quiet, nature, and solitude (though not isolation). Its eastern border of Manzanita is defined by both highway 305 and Miller Rd, two main thoroughfares of the island. Highway 305 provides direct access to the ferry terminal and to the Poulsbo/Squamish/Kingston area while Miller Rd eventually goes through Island Center into Lynnwood Center. If you are someone who likes to come home from work and not have to deal with the high activity of city life, or if you are beyond the career stage in your life and are seeking quiet, Manzanita provides the perfect escape, somewhere you will never want to leave.