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August 2012 Home Sales, Prices & Trends for Poulsbo, WA

Graph of Poulsbo Home Sales, Prices & Trends for August 2012 & 18 Mo Prior

Poulsbo Home Sales, Prices & Trends for August 2012 & 18 Mo Prior

The number of homes sold in Poulsbo for the month of August 2012 was the highest it’s been in more than 2 years, echoing similar data for the County as a whole and also for the Bainbridge Island market.  Prices are at their highest level in the last quarter and distressed homes comprised about 19% of the total number of homes sold for the month, a percentage similar to the County data as a whole. 

This month, my discussion for the Kitsap County home sales data is very nearly the same discussion I have for the Poulsbo market, so here’s a link: if you are interested in reading the factors driving and influencing the Real Estate market in Kitsap County and Poulsbo.   The graph shows the actual Poulsbo data, and includes: the average initial asking price, the average price at which an offer was received and the average selling price along with the trends and median selling price.

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