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Yurt on Secluded View Acreage in Zelatched Point on Dabob Bay::Quilcene, WA

photo of Beach at Zelatched Point, Dabob Bay

Stunning Private Beach at Zelatched Point, Dabob Bay on the Toandos Peninsula, Quilcene

New Status: SOLD as of 10/18/13 – but we can help you find another similar property

If we had a category of unique and awesome properties, this listing of ours located at 773 Payne Rd., Quilcene, WA 98376 would definitely be in it.  We indeed struggled a bit thinking about the best category for this page, as it’s a lot more than a home on acreage, but it is in fact a Special Opportunity.  If you’ve been searching some time for property, you know it’s unique to have View Acreage, with partial ownership of one of the most gorgeous beaches and waterfront properties on Hood Canal.  It’s also unique to find acreage in this price range which, in addition to the aforementioned amenities, also has a very nice (actually excellent condition) P1090433 (1)_1024x_szP1090437 (1)_1024x_szYurt ready for your weekend retreats.  Bring your backpack and camping gear, fire-up the free standing wood stove and you can be toasty warm and enjoying nature anytime of the year.

photo of Old Growth Trees at 773 Payne Rd Quilcene

Old Growth Trees at 773 Payne Rd Quilcene

There’s a private trail which leads to a stand of pristine old growth trees on the property, so if you feel like getting lost in the woods for some personal time, there isn’t a better place anywhere.

Other times, you will certainly ache to spend time at what we think many people would agree, is the most beautiful beach in the area…and while there are other owners, many times you can bring your beach chair and have complete solitude.  There’s even a place to pull up and leave a small boat or Kayak, giving you most of the benefits of owning waterfront property without the taxes or expense…the view and environment here is truly a spiritual experience.

photo of view from Yurt at 773 Payne Rd., Quilcene, WA

View from Yurt at 773 Payne Rd., Quilcene, WA

P1090459 (1)_1024x_sz

Well House

…but wait, there’s more…  this property has a private deep drilled well which taps an Artesian source, providing great water and high flow rates year round.


P1090458 (1)_1024x_sz

Septic Drain field

It also has a permitted and installed 3 bedroom septic system.




With these improvements, this is a great vacation or get-away camping spot, but it is also a great investment in a property that can easily be developed.   The property has been owned by the same family for over 22 years and they Love and have Loved this property, but circumstances change, so here’s your opportunity…Bring your plans or develop them over time and build the second or Vacation home of your dreams.

The property is 5.08 Acres, and has a 1/40 deeded interest in the 1400′ No-Bank waterfront beach parcel at Zelatched Point.   Believe us, access to pristine Dabob Bay is very limited, and this is one of the most amazing, beautiful private beaches in the entire area.

Asking price: $124,900

On November 16, 2012 there was a fabulous article in the Seattle Times By Ron Judd Pacific NW staff writer, about the pristine and incredible area that is Dabob Bay. Here’s the link

We think this is a case where pictures do tell a story and will convey the magic of this property much better and more profoundly than any of my words could ever do.


…and here’s a 360 degree virtual tour of the beach, and property


Here’s a Google Map of the Property and area:

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