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Miller Bay Estates

Miller Bay Estates is a neighborhood community East of Poulsbo comprised of 383 homes (as of 11/11/2011), though it is actually much closer to Indianola than Poulsbo.  Most people in the area consider it a de facto part of Poulsbo, and because it does have a Poulsbo address,  I’m including it in our Poulsbo neighborhood sections.  The average year built for a home in Miller Bay Estates is 1988 and the Median Year built is 1990.  About 73% of the homes here are 1-story ramblers (some with basements) and about 25% of the homes are Split-Foyer floor plans.  The remainder are 1 1/2 story 2 story or multi-level.

The community has some nice amenities and the Home Owner Dues are quite nominal considering the benefits.  There are several community parcels, a community park, swimming pool (open in the Summer), club house and they also have beach property on Miller Bay.

There are CCR’s for the community but they are reasonable and a unique aspect to the rules, is that a couple of subdivisions within Miller Bay Estates allows Manufactured Homes.  There is no sewer infrastructure, so all homes here have Septic Systems but they all have PUD Water.

Here are some recent photos of the community & neighborhood including the community center, playground and community pool.

Following is a table showing the average and median living area and gross area for homes in Miller Bay Estates.  The Gross area includes spaces such as garages, unfinished basements etc.

Home Sizes (Sq. Ft.)
Living Area (Avg.) 1415 Sq. Ft.
Living Area (Median) 1400 Sq. Ft.
Gross Area (Avg.) 1749 Sq. Ft.
Gross Area (Median) 1686 Sq. Ft.

Following is a table showing home values in Miller Bay Estates.  We have included the average and median tax assessed valuations for 2011 and also the average and median Auto Valuation Model prices.

Home Values*
Tax Assessed Value (Avg.) $168,622
Tax Assessed Value (Median) $173,760
Auto Valuation Model (Avg.) $203,406
Auto Valuation Model (Median) $196,872

*It’s important to note that while both the Tax Assessed Valuations and the Auto Valuation Models can be instructive about home values, these numbers may not be keeping pace in real time with what is actually occurring in the market at any given time. The AVM, values are calculated more recently than the Tax Assessed Values, but they are based largely upon a statistical sample and do not reflect special individual home features, upgrades or undocumented unique characteristics. The true market value is dependent primarily upon the recent most comparable sales, and then appropriate adjustments made. The best way to obtain the current value of your home without paying for a full appraisal is to contact your Real Estate Broker and ask for a current CMA. If you don’t have a Broker you prefer, or one are currently working with, my partner Jana Salmans or myself would be very happy to assist you. Just give us a call or e-mail us, our contact information can be found at the top main menu and we will be happy to assist you.

Real Estate & Home Sales in Miller Bay Estates for 2010.
In 2010 there were 16 homes Sold in Miller Bay Estates.  The average selling price was $179,073 and the median selling price was $181,613.  The average Sq.Ft. for a home sold in this neighborhood in 2010 was  1342 Sq.Ft. and the Average Days on Market was 65.

The following table lists each home sold in the Miller Bay Estates area of Poulsbo in 2010:

Date of Sale Address SqFt./Bdrm/Bath Style Price
1/21/2010 22235 Seavista NE 1036/3/1 1-sty  $195,000
2/17/2010 22195 Wavecrest Ave 1071/3/1.75 1-sty  $193,000
3/31/2010 22545 Sunridge Wy. N. 1562/3/1.75   $226,500
4/8/2010 8120 NE Seawind Ave 1208/3/1.5  1-sty $189,000
4/16/2010 22526 NE Sunlight Pl 1152/2/2 Dbl-Wide $129,000
4/19/2010 22180 Sunridge Wy NE 960/2/1.75 Dbl-Wide  $139,000
4/19/2010 22230 Seavista NE 1417/3/2  1-sty $202,000
5/6/2010 22455 Miller Ln. NE 1718/3/2.5  2-sty $217,000
5/24/2010 22100 Apollo Dr. NE 676/2/1  1.5-sty $140,000
6/14/2010 8105 Beachwood Ave 1152/3/1.75 Dbl-Wide  $65,000*
6/17/2010 7910 Beachwood Ave 2105/4/2  1-sty $234,000  ‡
8/18/2010 22395 Wavecrest Ave 1048/3/1.5  1-sty $169,000
10/21/2010 21840 Wavecrest Ave 2336/3/3.25  2-sty $281,937  ‡
10/25/2010 22065 Sea Vista Dr. NE 1434/3/1.75  1-sty $174,226  ‡
11/29/2010 22000 Wavecrest Ave 1139/3/1.75 1-sty  $172,500
12/20/2010  7555 Beachwood Ave  1456/2/2 Split-lvl  $133,000*

7910 Beachwood Ave & 22065 Sea Vista were Listed & Marketed by Jana & Brian
21840 Wavecrest Ave NE was Sold by Jana & Brian
* These were “distressed properties” being bank owned foreclosures

The average size for the 14 homes Sold in the Miller Bay Estates area of Poulsbo during 2011 was 1392 Sq.Ft.
Here are the updated Sales & Pricing details for the Real Estate Sold in 2011: The average Selling price during 2011 YTD was $163,256 and the Median Selling Price was $174,000.  This data shows that prices for homes Sold here are about the same as they were in 2010!

Following is a detail report for all of the homes sold in 2011:

Date of Sale Address SqFt./Bdrm/Bath Style Price
2/17/2011 7837 NE Harbor View Pl. 2152/3/3 1-sty  $250,000
2/24/2011 8245 NE Beachwood 1004/3/1 1-sty  $167,000
3/3/2011 7612 Sandy Wy. 1054/3/2.5 2-sty  $245,000
5/6/2011 7555 Beachwood Ave 1456/3/1.75 Split-Lvl  $208,750
6/14/2011 22030 Apollo Dr. NE 1020/3/1.5 1-sty $118,000*
6/16/2011 8240 NE Seawind Ave 1020/3/1.5 1-sty $142,000 * ‡
7/01/2011 22469 Miller Ln. NE 1154/3/1.5 2-sty $179,900
9/14/2011 7521 Beachwood Ct. 1800/3/1.75 1-sty $176,000
10/17/2011 22300 Sunridge Wy NE 1008/3/1 1-sty $140,050*
10/20/2011 22319 Martin Pl. NE 1410/3/1.75 1-sty  $182,000
10/20/2011 7719 NE Beachwood 1528/3/1.75 2-sty  $213,500
10/26/2011 22315 Sunridge Wy. NE 1400/3/2 Dbl-Wide $50,429*
11/17/2011 22270 Seavista Dr NE 1111/3/1.75 1-sty $172,000
12/19/2011 22481 Sunridge Wy NE 1764/3/2 Dbl-Wide $40,960*

* These are “Distressed properties”, being Bank Owned foreclosures.
Listed & Marketed by Jana & Brian

Here are details about the 8 homes Sold in Miller Bay Estates for 2012 (through 10-7-2012):

Date of Sale Address SqFt./Bdrm/Bath Style Price
1/11/2012 7773 NE Harbor View Dr
1426/3/2 Split
2/2/2012 22516 NE Sunlight Pl
1560/3/2 1-sty  $199,500
3/14/2012 22463 Miller Ln NE
1204/3/1 1-sty  $159,000
4/23/2012 7678 Lees Dr NE
860/2/1 1-sty
5/3/2012 7761 NE Harbor View Dr
1338/3/1.5 2-sty $175,000
8/13/2012 7693 Beachwood Ave NE
1552/3/2.5 2-sty $129,950*
8/15/2012 22225 NE Wavecrest Ave NE
1048/3/1.5 1-sty $155,000
9/13/2012 22181 Wave Crest Ave NE
1603/3/2.5 Split $197,933§

* These are “Distressed properties”, being Bank Owned foreclosures.
§ This is also a “Distressed property”, specifically a Short Sale.

Here is a map showing the outline locating the boundaries of the Miller Bay Estates subdivsions & showing all of the 66 Vacant Lots in Miller Bay Estates including those owned by the Miller Bay Yacht & Beach Club (HOA) and the PUD and Kitsap County Works Lots.
Please be aware that these lots are all currently owned and may or may not be available for sale.  I am not advertising or promoting them in any way.  This is just the current status of un-built lots within the Miller Bay Estates Subdivisions as of 11-23-2011.  It should also be noted that some of these lots may be challenging to develop due to topography, soils, or other potential issues:
[field name = vaclots]
Map overlays for vacant lots and common area by Brian Wilson  2011


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