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Question 1: How do I know if a home can be financed FHA, USDA or VA?

Answer 1: The basic rule of thumb that I go by is the home has to be ‘Safe Sound and Sanitary’.  The conditions of a home can vary, depending on how it’s been maintained over the years.  If the home is structurally sound with no defects, decks & electrical meet code and plumbing is in good working order without any leaks, then it a pretty good bet for this type of financing.  Of course, if a home has private water and on-site septic, then that also has to pass the County Health Department criteria.  Manufactured homes have the additional requirement of Foundation specifications.  In the Pacific NW, roofs seem to be problematic as we tend to have moss on the north sides of roof. No worries, a treatment of a chemical moss killer or powdered laundry detergent with bleach, also is a good remedy.
And of course, all financing is subject to any requirements by the Appraiser and Lending Institution.
As a top notch Listing Broker and Selling Broker, I can guide my Seller or Buyer through this process with ease.  Just give me a call anytime if you have a specific question, always happy to share my expertise. 

*Information not to be construed as legal advice.

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