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Eagle Harbor

Eagle Harbor is located directly across from Winslow, stretching from the innermost nook of the cove, out toward Bill Point to the east, with views of the town as well as easy accessibility to it. As you might have been able to guess, the biggest draw to Eagle Harbor is boating. Residents here love this area because they can moor their boat right near their home at the Eagle Harbor Marina, being able to spend less time in the car, and more time out on the water. The Marina offers more than moorage though, it also features a club house with a kitchen, a living room with a marina view, a sauna, a weight room, and more, for both social and business gatherings [1]. Bainbridge and the surrounding area is indeed a marvelous place for boaters, especially on notoriously gorgeous summer days. Islanders often enjoy cruising around the island, soaking up majestic views of the Cascades, the Olympics, and Mount Rainier. Though the Eagle Harbor community may sound a bit exclusive, you can rest assured that it has no unwritten B.Y.O.B code (bring your own boat, that is). In fact, if you have an interest in boating, but do not have one yourself, Eagle Harbor is probably the best place to live, so that you can make friends with your neighbors, go out on their boats, and never have to buy your own!

Of course, if you simply are not the boating type, this community still has much to offer for your other interests. For one, it has several beach access and lookout points, so that you can enjoy the natural environment while remaining on solid ground. Or perhaps, if you are more of the human-powered watercraft type, Eagle Harbor also offers a kayak launch just off of Ward Ave. This way you can enjoy the pristine surroundings without disturbing the wildlife, and perhaps even be able to spot a few seals. As an Eagle Harbor resident, your social life will very much be rooted in your neighborhood community, as well as in the shopping and dining area of Winslow. Luckily, Winslow also has a kayak launch, just off of the waterfront park, almost directly across the harbor, so you can ditch driving all together and kayak, canoe, or paddle board to dinner instead. Few even take advantage of this to make their morning commute to work much more pleasant. Since the Seattle-Bainbridge ferry is in Winslow, you could even paddle your way over, jump on the ferry, and voila, end up in downtown! Very few people get to claim they can do this, even on Bainbridge Island. After reading all of this, you are probably expecting exorbitant home prices and preparing yourself to cross Eagle Harbor off your list. Allow me to stop you right there. You can find an impressively large home, nearing 6,000 square feet, for $800,000-$900,000, or a home in the 2,500 square foot range for closer to $500,000. Switch up your routine and add some zest back into your life (guilt-free) by looking for a home in Eagle Harbor.