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Suquamish & Indianola Real Estate Report January 2014

There were 5 homes sold in Indianola & Suquamish during January 2014. The average and median selling price are the lowest we have seen in this 19 month real estate data. Yet, this area tends to be highly variable in home sales, as there are a large variety of property types & values and January […]

December 2013 Suquamish & Indianola Home Sales & Trends

There were 7 Homes Sold in Indianola & Suquamish during December 2013. This is a jump from the 4 in November 2012 and the 5 during the same period last year.  The average selling price in properties also increased 30% from November. There was only one distressed property sale in this area for December, making […]

Indianola & Suquamish Real Estate Trends September-November 2013 Quarterly Report

Indianola & Suquamish have followed the expected seasonal trend of decreased home sales in November, and also reached a low average selling price for the year. But take a look at that average selling price in September! When we move to October, the number homes sold spiked to 17  for the month, which is a […]

Indianola & Suquamish Home Sales Data: June – August 2013

The number of home sales in Indianola, WA & Suquamish, WA have been in a consistent and typical range with 12 homes Sold in June and 11 homes Sold in both July & August, which is the same number as were Sold in August 2012 one year ago. Because of the relatively small number of […]

May 2013 Home Sales & Trends in Indianola and Suquamish

{If you were sent to this page and it happens to be an older post, you can get the most recent post for these areas here } There were 8 homes Sold in the combined areas of Indianola and Suquamish during the Month of May which is above the 5 homes Sold during April.  Looking […]

Indianola & Suquamish Real Estate Report for April 2013

If you were sent to this page and it happens to be an older post, you can get the most recent post for these areas here There were 5 homes Sold in the combined area of Indianola and Suquamish during the month of April 2013.  This is the same number of homes that were sold […]

Real Estate Sales in Indianola & Suquamish for March 2013

Home sales in Indianola and Suquamish showed modest gains during March with 6 homes sold, as compared to February with only 4.   During March the average home price was $263.100 which was and increased of 12.62% compared with the February price of $233,625.  The median selling price of $265,000 during March was also higher by […]

Indianola & Suquamish Home Sales, Prices & Trends February 2013

There were 4 Homes Sold in Indianola & Suquamish for the Month of February 2013. This was a 57% decrease in home sales from January 2013, which is slightly unexpected as we usually start to see an increase in Home Sales in February, as we begin to enter the spring season. On a positive note, the number […]

Indianola & Suquamish Home Sales & Trends January 2013

Indianola & Suquamish experienced an upswing in home sales from December with 7 homes sold in January. Though this number may not appear significant, an increase in homes sold during the middle of the slow season is just an indicator of what we expect will be a very strong Spring Market!  Additionally, the average selling price and […]

December 2012 Home Sales, Prices & Trends for Indianola & Suquamish

The slower Winter Real Estate season continues in these areas as the number of homes sold dropped from 6 to 5 in the areas of Indianola & Suquamish. Yet, there was  a significant increase in the average selling price compared to both the previous month and the same period last year. Currently there are 36 […]