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Lofall Area including Edgewater Estates
Here are some photos of the Poulsbo community of Lofall:

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Photos by Brian Wilson © 2010 & 2011

Lofall Area:

On the west side of Kitsap County, Salisbury County Park off State Route 104 has beach access and a boat ramp with panoramic views of the Hood Canal Bridge and Olympic Mountains. If an overnight stay by the water is what you are looking for you’ll want to check out the nearby Kitsap Memorial State Park off State Route 3 which has camping and 1,797 feet of shoreline on beautiful Hood Canal.

Lofall is known for its part in history as one of the Black Ball Ferry & State Ferry landings. William & Martha Lofall leased the property to Black Ball who in turn built the dock. Service started in 1950 from Lofall to Southpoint. The lease allowed the Lofalls to use the south side of the traffic line.

Bill Lofall barged in a building from Scandia which became the Sea Breeze Inn. Here, passengers could buy beverages and hot food. After the ferry left, the Sea Breeze Inn became a rental house and is now the dock keeper’s house for the private Lofall Community Corp.

There was also the Lofall Bait House which sold herring to local fishermen. JRO Realty got its start at the Lofall Dock on an adjacent lot that was owned by Glenn Settle. After the ferry left, JRO moved to the Poulsbo Junction.

In 1951 the Black Ball turned over its operations to the Washington State Dept of Transportation. When the Hood Canal Bridge was built in 1961 Ferry service was retired.for this location and the property and dock were turned back over to William & Martha Lofall who In 1972 put the dock up for sale.

The State proposed building a public boat launch at the dock site but the community came together and formed the Lofall Community Corporation. They purchased the property and created the private facility that we know today. Original shares were sold for $1000 each.

In 1979, the second round of Ferry Service began when the Hood Canal Bridge sank in a winter storm. The State re-commissioned the Lofall Dock to again offer ferry service between Lofall and Southpoint while the Bridge was rebuilt. And in 2009, the State again re-commissioned this Lofall Dock for Water Shuttle service, while part of the Hood Canal Bridge was replaced.

Following is a brief summary about Real Estate in Edgewater Estates located in Lofall, a rural suburb of Poulsbo.

Here’s a video of a “Drive through Edgewater Estates” which was created on Nov 19, 2011

by: Brian Wilson © 2011

The subdivision area called Edgewater Estates is comprised of 5 additions
and following is data about the 399 homes in the entire community of Edgewater Estates:

Median Year Built
Average Year Built
Number of Tax Parcels in all Divisions:
Number of undeveloped parcels
Average Sq.Ft. Size of Home
Median Sq.Ft. of Home
Average Parcel Size (Acres/Sq.Ft.)
Median Parcel Size (Acres/Sq.Ft.)
Average Tax Assessed Value of Home (2011)
Median Tax Assessed Value of Home (2011)
Percent with 4 bedrooms
Percent with 3 bedrooms
Percent with 2 bedrooms
From the records, the remainder have an uncertain # of bedrooms

It’s important to note that while both the Tax Assessed Valuations and the Auto Valuation Models can be instructive about home values. These numbers may not be keeping pace in real time with what is actually occurring in the market at any given time. The true market value is dependent primarily upon the recent most comparable sales, and the best way to determine the current value is to contact your Real Estate Broker and ask for a current CMA. If you dont’ have a Broker you prefer or one are currently working with, my partner Jana Salmans or myself, would be very happy to assist you, just give us a call or e-mail us, our contact information can be found at the top main menu.

Here are the Edgewater Estates homes Sold in 2010:

Date of SaleAddressSqFt./Bdrm/BathStylePrice
3/15/20102034 NW Swanlund St.1008/3/11-sty$175,000
3/18/201027019 Tamsen Ave1528/3/2.75Split$241,000
4/1/20102248 NW Clinton Ave1452/3/1.751-sty$232,500
4/29/20101889 NW Russell St.1098/3/11-sty$216,800
5/12/201026241 Circle Dr. NW1664/3/21-sty$229,950
5/27/201026601 Edgewater Blvd.1200/2/1.751-sty$205,000
6/28/201026138 Edgewater Blvd.1592/3/1.752-sty$195,000
8/12/201026253 Edgewater Pl NW1008/3/11-sty$175,000
9/8/20101726 NW Mulholland Blvd1523/2/1.75Split$240,000
9/29/201026571 Edgewater Blvd NW1580/3/1.75tri-level$253,950
10/19/201026866 NE Edgewater Blvd1650/2/3Multi-lvl$390,000
12/15/20102345 NW Mulholland Blvd1136/3/21-sty$200,000
12/20/20101877 Heron Ct. NW1424/3/2.52-sty$230,000

Here are the Edgewater Estates homes Sold in 2011:
Date of SaleAddressSqFt./Bdrm/BathStylePrice
3/28/201126741 Edgewater Blvd. NW1351/3/21-sty$210,000
4/18/201125976 NW Circle Dr. S1620/3/1.75Split$223,000
5/3/201126120 NW Jade St.1300/3/1.751-sty$187,500
5/12/20111862 NW Russell St.1008/3/11-sty$146,000*
6/9/201126727 Weaver Ave NW1008/2/11-sty$170,000
6/27/20111783 NW Russell St.1610/3/2.252-sty$220,000
7/19/201126774 Weaver Ave NW1804/3/2.752-sty$229,000
9/9/201126727 NW Lofall Rd.1122/3/11-sty$130,000*
9/15/201126688 Canalta Wy. NW2634/3/2.5Split$289,000
10/20/20111851 NW Circle Dr. N1175/3/21-sty$189,000
11/1/201126361 Edgewater Pl. NW1536/3/2.52-sty$207,000

* These properties were distressed sales, being Bank Owned foreclosures (REO)

Here are the Edgewater Estates homes Sold in 2012 (through 10-7-2012):

Date of SaleAddressSqFt./Bdrm/BathStylePrice
2/9/201226016 NW Circle St1336/3/2.252-sty$185,000§
3/29/201226352 Edgewater Blvd NW1620/3/1.5Split$155,000*
8/6/201226842 Weaver Rd NW1104/3/11-sty$135,000§

* This was a “Distressed property”, being Bank Owned foreclosures.
§ These were “Distressed properties,” specifically Short Sales.

Google Map Of Edgewater Estates in Lofall:

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