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Rolling Bay

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The Rolling Bay neighborhood is a small but long strip of land, occupying most of Bainbridge Island’s northeastern shoreline. However, the greater Rolling Bay community can be thought to include both Manitou Beach and Murden Cove to the south along the same shoreline. This area is very unique in that the properties are largely waterfront (though there are plenty further away from the water’s edge at lower rates) and the area is home to some of the most breathtaking views on Bainbridge Island. Sunrise Drive, in particular, is revered for its dazzling morning views as the sun comes up over Seattle; other areas (particularly Manitou Beach) are spoiled to views both of Seattle and of Mount Rainier which, on clear days, feels close enough to touch. One particular street, Brackenwood Ln, has the most exclusive views of Seattle. This micro-community is very private, as it does not permit non-residents in its premise. So if you are looking for a very secure and communal area to live. Brackenwood may be worth your consideration. During the day, all of Rolling Bay enjoys the stunningly clear scenery of downtown Seattle across the Puget Sound. Rolling Bay residents often take advantage of Fay Bainbridge State Park to the north, offering beach access, a kayak launch, rentable picnic shelters, and overnight camping (see our Point Monroe article for more details) [1]. Another beach access and kayak launch point is located further south in Manitou Beach. Kayakers and paddle boarders alike take advantage of the usually calm water to soak up the view and sun whenever possible. For those who also enjoy being land-bound residents all over this area enjoy walking their dogs or strolling with a friend in the peaceful low-traffic neighborhood streets. Murden Cove is spoiled with a quiet, tucked away space that has all of the benefits of the greater Rolling Bay area, but with a more private, communal feel. It features not just one, but two beach access points within the cove, while being just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the kayak launch in Manitou Beach. Along with the views, recreation, and natural beauty, the greater Rolling Bay area is in proximity to several schools, its own small library, and the more southernly part even has quick access to the Seattle-Bainbridge ferry terminal. This community also takes great pride in its very own Rolling Bay Winery, located in Manitou Beach which produces award-winning wines and features wine tasting events late April through early September that are frequented by locals [2]. All along this area, a medium-sized waterfront home can run about $800,000. However, homes further inland have been averaging closer to $500,000. If you are looking for a quiet place with stunning views of Seattle and Mount Rainier (only enhanced by the sunrise), plenty of opportunity for recreation and leisure, but close to schools and with quick access to the center of island activity, then make sure to focus your home-searching efforts to the Rolling Bay community. You will not be disappointed.