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Point White

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Composing the southwestern tip of the island, the Point White community is a strip of land that stretches from just north of Fort Ward Park to the bottom of Crystal Springs, along the southern border of Lynnwood Center, with its shoreline looking out across Rich Passage toward Port Orchard to the south. Because of its southernly orientation, some parts of the community enjoy views of Mount Rainier. Residents here, as is the common trend with the southern section of the island, enjoy an array of recreational activities such as kayaking, biking, and walking nearby. The biggest recreational draw to this area is the Gazzam Lake Preserve, located slightly north in Crystal Springs. With nearly 445 acres of protected land, the Gazzam Lake Preserve offers four miles of trail with both class I and class III difficulties to best accommodate varying fitness levels. As this area is protected, you will have the rare opportunity to view a wide range of animals in their natural habitat [1]. One part of the trail system branches north to a beach access point in Island Center. Another part of the network runs south to Point White’s Schel-Chelb Estuary, a man-made restoration project. This estuary is very responsive to tide systems, almost completely emptying during low tides and reaching capacity at high tide. At low tide, children enjoy turning over rocks to discover crabs and other creatures. During high tide, residents enjoy paddling around in the calm water in their canoes or kayaks [2]. Others use this as a starting point for a relaxing bike ride along Point White Dr and Crystal Springs Dr. Probably the best part about this area, however, is that though it offers many opportunities to connect with and explore everything the natural area has to offer, it is also well connected to the center of island activity. From the furthest point, Winslow is just over a 10 minute drive away, home to the Seattle-Bainbridge ferry terminal as well as shops, restaurants, and much more (for more details, see our article on Winslow). Because Point White is located along the main route of the Seattle-Bremerton ferry, residents get to enjoy views of the ships passing by.

A home on the point ranging from 2,500 square feet to 3,500 square feet is currently averaging between $800,000-$900,000. Further towards the point, homes may run slightly higher. If you require a natural, peaceful surrounding, with enough space between you and your neighbor for a sense of privacy but not isolation, but also want to be able to easily access a good center of social life, the Point White community is a great place to look for your perfect home. If you are hoping to find something in a lower price range but still with views of the water, take a look at our articles on Eagle Harbor, Eagledale, and Lynnwood Center.