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December 2013 Suquamish & Indianola Home Sales & Trends

There were 7 Homes Sold in Indianola & Suquamish during December 2013. This is a jump from the 4 in November 2012 and the 5 during the same period last year.  The average selling price in properties also increased 30% from November. There was only one distressed property sale in this area for December, making […]

Indianola & Suquamish Home Sales Data: June – August 2013

The number of home sales in Indianola, WA & Suquamish, WA have been in a consistent and typical range with 12 homes Sold in June and 11 homes Sold in both July & August, which is the same number as were Sold in August 2012 one year ago. Because of the relatively small number of […]

May 2013 Home Sales & Trends in Indianola and Suquamish

{If you were sent to this page and it happens to be an older post, you can get the most recent post for these areas here } There were 8 homes Sold in the combined areas of Indianola and Suquamish during the Month of May which is above the 5 homes Sold during April.  Looking […]

Real Estate Sales in Indianola & Suquamish for March 2013

Home sales in Indianola and Suquamish showed modest gains during March with 6 homes sold, as compared to February with only 4.   During March the average home price was $263.100 which was and increased of 12.62% compared with the February price of $233,625.  The median selling price of $265,000 during March was also higher by […]

December 2012 Home Sales, Prices & Trends for Indianola & Suquamish

The slower Winter Real Estate season continues in these areas as the number of homes sold dropped from 6 to 5 in the areas of Indianola & Suquamish. Yet, there was  a significant increase in the average selling price compared to both the previous month and the same period last year. Currently there are 36 […]

Indianola and Suquamish Real Estate Sales, Prices and Trends for the month of October 2012

As with Kitsap County as a whole, Real Estate sales and prices had significant increases in Indianola & Suquamish during the month of October as compared to September and in fact as with other North Kitsap communities, the gains were much higher than the County-wide improvement. The number of homes Sold increased from 4 to […]