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Archives for March 2011

Number of distressed Sales compared to total Sales in Kitsap County

  Ever wonder what portion of the total single family residential sales in Kitsap County are distressed? This graph tracks the distressed properties as a portion of the total sales in Kitsap County for the past 18 months.  For this review, distressed properties are counted as either bank owned (REO) or Short Sales (SS).   The […]

Here is a revealing chart for Single Family Residential Sales in Kitsap County

Note: In the event you got to this article from an older link, here is a link to the newest data for this category of monthly home sales in Kitsap County This chart shows monthly sales data for all Single Family Residential Sales in Kitsap County during the past 18 months. I created this chart […]

Graph for the Amount of Home you can afford as Int Rates Change

There are many ways to look at it, but the end result is the same:  As rates go up, as a Borrower you  qualify to Buy increasingly less home for the same amount of monthly payment.