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Bill Point

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Bill Point is a small community located on the eastern side of the island, towards the mouth of Eagle Harbor, almost directly south of Wing Point. Though the point has both northernly views of Wing Point and Winslow, as well as easterly views of Seattle, Pritchard Park occupies the northernly, leaving the truly dazzling ones for residents to enjoy from their homes. Pritchard Park is one of the larger parks on Bainbridge, but unlike many others, contributes to the historic value of the area. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Perfection Pile Preserving Co., a wood treatment plant, began using creosote to preserve lumber at the present-day location of the park. A community of workers began to grow and make roots in the area over the 80+ years of operation. Eventually, in 1988, the plant (which then came to be known as Wyckoff Creosote Plant) closed with the urging of the EPA due to environmental concern [1].

Luckily, they acted quickly enough to protect Eagle Harbor and the Puget Sound from dangerous levels of contamination. To say the least, this community is now very much centered on concern for the environment, and the present-day 50 acre Pritchard Park offers proof of this. From “the Point”, visitors can see astonishing views of Seattle, the Cascades (including Mount Baker and Mount Rainier), the Puget Sound, and the Olympic Mountains. No other location on the island or the surrounding area offers such expansive views; it is truly a one-of-a-kind location. The park is divided into many sections including the flatlands, the uplands, the southern parcel, and the Japanese American Memorial—in tribute to the 227 Japanese Bainbridge residents who were forced off the island into internment camps in 1942 [2]. In such a historically and environmentally rich area, a large house (over 5,000 square feet) with views of the water (and possibly more) can cost over $1,000,000. A smaller house with around 3,000 square feet and similar features will be more in the $700,000 range, a great value for the area. If views and history are important to you, Bill Point should definitely be an area of consideration when looking for your new home. Other areas that may be of interest to you include Rolling Bay, South Beach, Yeomalt Point, and Point Monroe among many more (see our articles on these communities for more information).