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Island Center

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Island Center is the largest geographical neighborhood on Bainbridge, with much of the land occupied by parks, recreational facilities, and small private farms. A small portion of Island Center runs along Port Orchard Bay and Fletcher Bay, but the majority of the area is inland. One facility well-used by locals is Island Center Hall. For 90 years the hall has been used for a variety of events and today can be rented for parties, weddings, and even yoga classes [1]. Another feature of Island Center is Strawberry Hill Park with three playing fields, a picnic area, sand volleyball court, tennis court, playground, and skate park. With all it has to offer, this park is sure to appeal to a whole age range, making it a perfect family attraction [2]. The most spectacular asset to Island Center however, is the Grand Forest which is a favorite not just of Island Center residents, but of all island locals. The Grand Forest is actually broken up into three segments, all of which have their own trail systems. However, all of the separate forests are connected with three miles of trail between each, making for an exciting adventure to explore from one place to the next [3]. Island Center is also home to a multitude of elementary and middle schools, with several high schools located just outside the community’s border in the far western portion of Winslow. Island Center is different from many other areas of the island in regards to its spacious, almost rural character. Homes in more densely populated island communities may have yard space, but the homes are somewhat close together. Furthermore, property costs in this area tend to be much lower than in other areas of the island. For instance, a 2,500 square foot home with three bedrooms and two bathrooms will probably run around $450,000. If you are looking for something that feels like more of a cozy cottage, Island Center offers smaller homes as well. A 1,200 square foot home with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom may cost somewhere around $200,000. Though it has generally less water access, some parts of Island Center provide views of the Olympic Mountains. Lastly, Island Center is in an ideal location to access the ferry terminal and bustling Winslow social life (if you ever desire to leave the peace and comfort of your home). If you are someone who is looking for more privacy and distance from your neighbors, lower property costs, access to schools, parks, and large green spaces, but quick access to the island’s social life, Island Center is a fantastic place to look.