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South Beach

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South Beach is one of the larger geographical areas of the island, covering the entire southeastern tip, with a great portion of shoreline; some facing north toward Blakely Harbor and Rockaway Beach, some east toward downtown Seattle, some facing south with views of Blake Island and Mount Rainier, and a few facing eastward with views of the Olympic Mountain Range. South Beach’s Restoration Point is the furthest eastward reaching projection on the island, providing crystal clear views of Seattle. The truly great part about this community is that you can choose from every marvelous view the island has to offer without sacrificing the location as a whole! So what else does this area have to offer? Well, for one, South Beach residents revel in the peace and quiet offered by the distance from much island activity. Here, traffic is never a problem. Though Bainbridge tries to reserve much of its shoreline for public use, South Beach is one of the places in which the shoreline is primarily private. Here you can officially claim that you own your own beach. Further inland, South Beach is very heavily forested, creating the allure of a national forest; remote yet comforting and refreshing. If you are more interested in living in this type of area, you will not be forced to sacrifice the views and beach access provided to other South Beach residents with their private beaches. Just around the bend lies the 137 acre Fort Ward State Park with camping, a kayak launch, an extensive trail system, 4,300 feet of shoreline, and even an underwater park for scuba divers! Yes, you did read that correctly. If you have ever considered trying out scuba diving, even for a fleeting moment, your new lifestyle in South Beach will encourage you to pursue that consideration [1]. If you think you are looking for a very large house, you’re in luck. South Beach offers some of the largest homes on the island, many of which have been built in the past 10 years, some ranging from 4,000 to nearly 7,000 square feet (and many of those located on the water). Such houses range from two- to several- million dollars. If you are looking for something on the less elaborate side, South Beach offers plenty of moderate-sized homes as well in the $500,000 to $600,000 range. Whatever your fancy, South Beach has plenty of options to find your perfect home.