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When speaking of Bainbridge Island, the first thing people usually mention is Winslow, the heart of the island’s social life. This community is not only home to the Seattle-Bainbridge ferry terminal, but also to many one-of-a-kind boutiques, art galleries, wineries, and quality restaurants (not to mention many festivals, particularly during the summer months). Out of concern for traffic, many people may be wary of having the ferry terminal located so close to their home. Though it can back up during peak times, most Winslow residents are unaffected by the long lines of cars, as they are close enough to walk or bike from their homes to the shops. In fact, many Winslow residents also enjoy walking or biking onto the ferry to commute across to work in Seattle. Though walking is a great form of transportation for Winslow locals, that’s not the only reason to walk here. Winslow is lucky enough to have a network of waterfront trails that lead both to the ferry terminal, and to the 5.5 acre Waterfront Park—the site of “annual festivals, summer performances, special events, picnics, music performances, and more” [1]. On more ordinary days, locals take advantage of the park’s tennis court, play area, and nearby dock which can accommodate boats up to 70′ in length, and also serves as a kayak launch. Incase you do not own your own watercraft, nearby establishments offer kayak and paddle board classes and rentals so you can pick up a new hobby or master an old skill. On top of all of the recreation, Winslow is also home to Madrona Elementary School and the island’s only public library, so not only can you satisfy your social needs, but you and your family’s educational needs as well. With all of this to offer, a waterfront home here may run around $1,000,000, while homes further inland, particularly on the eastern side of highway 305, tend to be around half of that. To say the least, Winslow is a socialite’s paradise. If you are one of these people looking to enjoy an away-from-the-city setting without having to sacrifice your favorite activities (and even having the opportunity to try out new ones), a home here offers the perfect fit to your lifestyle.