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Indian Hills Estates

Indian Hills Estates is a secluded neighborhood that is perched above Lemolo, on the way to Bainbridge Island just outside the city of Poulsbo boundaries.  There are 44 homes in this sub division and one of the most appealing aspects is that all of the homes are sited on an average of about a 1 Acre parcel size, and most are well setback from all of the streets, providing enhanced privacy between neighboring properties.  Some of the homes are on nearly level parcels, with fairly level driveway entries, but many homes here are built above the roads so they have hilly driveways and many of the lots are sloped.  There are not many homes here with views because the neighborhood is heavily forested.  The trade-off is that the beautiful natural environment contributes to a feeling like you are in a different world, yet you are actually just minutes to downtown Poulsbo or Bainbridge Island.

The average home in this neighborhood was built in 1984 and it’s a nearly 50/50 split between the number of single level compared to multi-level homes.

Here are some recent photos of the neighborhood

Photos by Brian Wilson © 2010 & 2011

The following tables provide information about the homes and home values in the Poulsbo neighborhood of Indian Hills Estates:

Home Size (Sq.Ft.)
Living Area (Avg.) 2102 Sq. Ft.
Living Area (Median) 1993 Sq. Ft.
Gross Area (Avg.) 2589 Sq. Ft.
Gross Area (Median) 2447 Sq. Ft.
Home Values for 2011
Tax Assessed Value (Avg.) $285,768
Tax Assessed Value (Median) $271,025
Auto Valuation Model (Avg.) $285,690
Auto Valuation Model (Median) $290,103

It’s important to note that while both the Tax Assessed Valuations and the Auto Valuation Models can be instructive about home values, these numbers may not be keeping pace in real time with what is actually occurring in the market at any given time. The AVM, values are calculated more recently than the Tax Assessed Values, but they are based largely upon a statistical sample and do not reflect special individual home features, upgrades or undocumented unique characteristics. The true market value is dependent primarily upon the recent most comparable sales, and then appropriate adjustments made. The best way to obtain the current value of your home without paying for a full appraisal is to contact your Real Estate Broker and ask for a current CMA.  If you don’t have a Broker you prefer, or one are currently working with, my partner Jana Salmans or myself would be very happy to assist you. Just give us a call or e-mail us, our contact information can be found at the top main menu and we will be happy to assist you.

Here are the home sales in Indian Hills Estates for 2010:

Date of Sale Address SqFt./Bdrm/Bath Style Price
5/13/10 2810 NE Kiowa Ct. 2071/3/2.25 multi-lvl $255,000
7/8/10 16760 Seminole Rd. 2750/4/2 2-sty $339,000

Here are the sales Year to date for 2011:

Date of Sale Address SqFt./Bdrm/Bath Style Price
2/8/11 16775 Seminole Rd. NE 2934/3/2 1-sty  $285,000*
3/17/11 3040 NE Chippewa Ct. 2290/3/2.5 2-sty $285,000
5/23/11 17178 Seminole Rd NE 2324/3/2.5 2-sty $271,000
6/16/11 16780 Seminole Rd. NE 1761/3/1.5 Tri-Lvl $289,000
9/28/11 16675 Seminole Rd. NE 1728/3/2 Split  178,000

Note: The property at 16675 Seminole Rd. was a “distressed property” sale, marked by a *

There have been 0 (zero) homes Sold in Indian Hills Estates for 2012 (through 10-7-2012).

The area on the map within the green boundary is typically considered Indian Hills Estates but they are not actually in the subdivision and these properties are not included in the data about the homes in the subdivision.


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