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Forest Rock Hills

Photos by Brian Wilson © 2010 & 2011

Forest Rock Hills is a lovely community in Poulsbo with many homes having partial Westerly Olympic Mountain views.  Located just above the famous Poulsbo Central Market, it’s a terrific location close to schools, shopping, medical & dental care and commuter routes.

At the bottom of the page we’ve included a map of the area included in the Forest Rock Hills subdivisions & phases.

As you’ll see in the photos, there actually is a large rock from which the community was named.

Here’s a video we created on Nov 19,2011 of a “Drive Through Forest Rock Hills”

by: Brian Wilson © 2011

Here is data we’ve compiled for the community as a whole, with information about the homes and Real Estate in Forest Rock Hills.  The summary provides a quick view of the average & median home data:

Number of Homes145
Number of Vacant lots1
Average Year Built1998
Median Year Built1998
First Year a Home Built1992
Last Year a Home Built2007
Average Living Space Sq. Ft.1918
Median Living Space Sq. Ft.1860
Average Gross Sq. Ft.2479
Median Gross Sq. Ft.2371
% with 3 bedrooms77%
% with 4 bedrooms22%
Average 2011 Tax Assed Value$290,439
Median 2011 Tax Assessed Value$286,785
Highest 2011 Tax Assessed Value$403,120
Lowest 2011 Tax Assessed Value$241,130
Average Automated Valuation Model$304,427
Median Automated Valuation Model$302,550

It’s important to note that while both the Tax Assessed Valuations and the Auto Valuation Models can be instructive about home values, these numbers may not be keeping pace in real time with what is actually occurring in the market at any given time. The AVM, values are calculated more recently than the Tax Assessed Values, but they are based largely upon a statistical sample and do not reflect special individual home features, upgrades or undocumented unique characteristics. The true market value is dependent primarily upon the recent most comparable sales, and then appropriate adjustments made. The best way to obtain the current value of your home without paying for a full appraisal is to contact your Real Estate Broker and ask for a current CMA. If you don’t have a Broker you prefer, or one are currently working with, my partner Jana Salmans or myself would be very happy to assist you. Just give us a call or e-mail us, our contact information can be found at the top main menu and we will be happy to assist you.
In 2011 there were 3 homes sold in Forest Rock Hills:
Date of SaleAddressSqFt./Bdrm/BathStylePrice
7/28/20111297 NE Forest Rock Lane2906/3/2.52-sty$309,000
7/29/201120021 12th Ave NE1788/3/2.52-sty$309,000
11/18/201120000 Hoved Rd NE1700/3/1.751-sty$294,500
In 2012 (through 10-7-2012) there were 6 home sales in Forest Rock Hills:
Date of SaleAddressSqFt./Bdrm/BathStylePrice
3/28/20121575 Nordic Pl1715/3/2.252-sty$230,000§
5/24/201219995 12th Ave NE2206/4/2.52-sty$292,000§
6/26/201220015 Blue Rund Lp NE1736/3/1.751-sty$298,000
7/19/201220349 12th Ave NE2308/5/2.52-sty$295,000
9/5/20121379 Amber Ct NE1767/3/2.52-sty$250,000
9/10/20121343 Lena Pl NE2586/5/2.751-sty$374,000

§ These were “Distressed properties,” specifically Short Sales.

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